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Owner of Open Hearts Sanctuary & Yoga
Ordained Interfaith Priestess
200 RYT KRI 
Certified Reiki Master and Advanced Crystal Master
Certified in Vibrational Sound Massage
Certified in Egyptian, Pythagorean, Holographic, and Primus Activation Healing Modalities

I wear many hats inside Open Hearts Yoga Sanctuary and Crystal Boutique.  Faith Healer, Interfaith Priestess, Yoga and Meditation Facilitator, Sound Journey Guide, Sister, Mother, Daughter, Friend.  Community connection is my heart’s focus. Bringing people together through the courage to be vulnerable, willingness to see and be seen, hear and be heard, love and be loved...it is my honor and life’s purpose to create safe, loving, nurturing, nourishing space for all who desire to re-member themselves as the Divine children they truly are. People come for the crystals and yoga, they stay for the self discovery and homecoming, the broad range of spiritual offerings centered on deep healing and emotional freedom, and most of all the spiritual family.  Open Hearts is a second home for so many, and I am honored and blessed to hold Sanctuary for all who desire to create the healed, healthy, happy, whole life that our beloved Creator has been waiting for us to claim.  Here, we take off our armor.  Here, we are empowered to live our truths.  Here, we hold the lantern for you while you find your way back home to yourself.  This is your journey to joy and freedom, and we are thrilled, honored, and blessed to be part of it!

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Lead Yoga Instructor - Studio Manager
500 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher
Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider (YACEP)
Reiki II Practitioner
Chair Yoga Certified
Ordained Interfaith Minister

I am so excited to be apart of creating new sacred space at Open Hearts Yoga!
I completed my 200 Hour Registered Yoga Training in 2018 at Yoga Project School of Yoga, and my 300 Hour Registered Yoga Training in 2021 at Yoga & Ayurveda Center. Teaching yoga, helping others, and being a light to all is my soul mission.
My purpose as a teacher is to bring the art of individuality into every class setting. I allow my students to explore their own unique bodies while keeping class fun, upbeat, and powerful! I strive to help each student connect with themselves on a deeper level to cultivate awareness that is life long. What you learn and feel in class doesn't just go away after Savasana, it is life long! 
I strive to be the best I can be every single day; the best teacher, leader, partner, and friend.
I invite you to show up and see what happens.
With yoga, nothing is impossibe.



Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT)
Licensed Spiritual Health Coach (LSHC)

Dharma has been a student and practitioner of the mystical arts, transformational healing, and shamanism since awakening in 1990 when everything changed as chapter 1 of her life came to a close due to life taking health issues, and chapter 2 opened in a whole new light and with a whole new insatiable curiosity for understanding, truth, health and peace. 
She has been a student, apprentice and teacher of Shamanism for nearly 25 years and imparts the ways of the Good Red Road with fellow seekers in the Spirit of Loving Kindness to all the Worlds of Grandmother Earth. It is her Path With Heart, and she shares the wisdom of the teachings with those in search of Happiness, Health, Humor, Hope, and Harmony, spreading Knowledge That Works to create Wisdom That Walks.



Certified Wisdom Healing Qi-Gong Instructor
200RYT Certified Yoga Instructor
Gong Master Level 2

I've lived in Granbury almost all of my life, only leaving to attend college at TCU. I came back here as quick as I could with my husband and son in tow. In the early '90s, my mom opened a meditation studio in Acton, just a few miles down the road from the new Open Hearts Yoga Sanctuary. Because of my mom's influence, and that of her friends, I have always been interested in alternative forms of healing and spirituality. I have tried and experimented with many modalities over the years, including my 200 hour certification with the Living Yoga Program in 2007. In 2015, I discovered the practice of Wisdom Healing Qigong (WHQ), and because of it's profound influence on my life for healing, growth and transformation, I began to share with anyone who would listen. WHQ is an ancient art that combines meditation, gentle movement and sound healing to bring your Body, Mind and Spirit into total alignment with health, happiness and deep fulfillment. In April of 2018, I travelled to The Chi Center in Santa Fe, to receive my Instructor Certification from Master Mingtong Gu. I am currently progressing towards my Healer Certification in 2019. I am beyond excited to share with you this amazing practice that has completely changed my life, and I am thrilled to see, and take part in, this long-held community dream for a space such as this to take shape and thrive here in Granbury!



Crystal Boutique Keeper

I run the Open Hearts Crystal Boutique. I am a student and practitioner of all things crystal. While this is merely the tip of the iceberg for who I am and will ever be, I love sharing the wisdom I've received studying on my own and working in the crystal shop. It is my joy to see others learn and grow each time they pass through the doors and ask "Can you help me find a crystal for _?". And to see them walk out with more knowledge and information than when they came in. Along with numerous certificates in several different healing modalities, I am also an Akashic Trancework Initiate/Reader. I am a student of the metaphysical, the alchemical and the shamanic. They are intertwined with my spirit and I am One with them. This is my Path.



200 RYT

Margi feels blessed to be a student of Yoga in all its forms and sharing that knowledge with others through classes which are open to all students wherever they may be on their own healing path. Yoga found Margi, so she trained to teach others to be found as well! Before earning her RYT 200 through Raja Yoga’s Teacher Training program, Margi began a study of meditation and shares the benefits of a mindful personal practice along with improving one’s physical health in her offerings. When not taking a class herself, teaching, or working toward her RYT 500 goal, Margi works as a Quality Assurance Manager. Margi would be thrilled to have you practice with her! Namaste, fellow and future yogis!



Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master Teacher
Ordained Interfaith Minister
Gong Master Level 2

I have been practicing Reiki since 2005. I received my Reiki Master Teacher attunements in 2015 just before I moved from California to Granbury. I am a purist. I believe in teaching Reiki in the most accurate way possible. Reiki is passed from teacher to student by "attunements" that start the healing energy flowing through the student. One cannot learn Reiki through reading or watching a video, in order for the Reiki energy to begin flowing and to use the Reiki healing symbols, one must first be attuned by a certified Reiki Master. In Japanese, the word Reiki "Master" actually translates into something close to "sensei" (teacher) and even Dr. Usui would never say that he "mastered Reiki" as the universal life force energy that is channeled through the body of the practitoner can never be "mastered" in the Western sense. I was very fortunate to have studied under a wonderful Reiki Master Teacher, and I am only five degrees of separation from Dr. Mikao Usui himself. That means, the information was passed through Dr. Usui, five Reiki Masters, and then to me. Nobody living today knows the exact teachings of Dr. Mikao Usui, but as your teacher I promise to pass the tradition in the most respectful and accurate way possible, as it was taught to me. I will encourage you to trust your inner voice and the energy you feel and receive once the Reiki starts flowing through your body and provide support and mentor you along your journey of becoming a healer.



200RYT Yoga Instructor

My yoga journey began after my first class 25 years ago. I fell in love with yoga from the very start as I found I was benefiting from the stretching relaxation and mindfulness. Prior to yoga, I was an aerobic instructor for over 20 years but wanted to share my love for the yoga practice. From my classical ballet background, I gained flexibility, strength and balance. Now, after instructing in this area for over 25 years, I have seen the benefits and healing that this practice has afforded so many. Each class starts with gentle yoga by teaching the basic postures, body alignments and beginning the yoga journey. Each class I teach differs based on what comes through spiritually. No class is ever arranged prior to teaching as I rely on the spirit to guide me. Additionally, my training has included workshops from John Friend and Rodney Yee and certified by Yoga Fit. I look forward to being your guide in starting your yoga journey.



Certified Personal Trainer
Cerified Nutritionist

I am excited to bring with me a variety of services that I am passionate about! I am a NASM certified personal trainer and nutritionist who focuses on a holistic approach to medicinal nutrition and functional training. I've had the pleasure of aiding so many in their own health journeys with everything from weight loss, body recomposition, strength and conditioning and body building. If you are interested in getting into your best you, 
we will meet in person for a consultation at Open Hearts or at Anytime Fitness to discuss previous eating and exercise patterns, current goals, medical conditions, and check weight as well as do measurements for all training and nutrition planning.
I can't wait to meet you all very soon! Namaste

Our teachers are students first and foremost. We strive to learn with you. We instruct with knowledge and passion, to insure each yoga session is unique and soul enriching. Want to know more about our instructors? Contact us.